A Quiet Crisis: Male Health in Rural, Remote and Regional Western Australia

A report on the status of male health and wellbeing in non-metropolitan Western Australia and access to services

Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA Sector Report

December 2016


All Western Australian men are significant and positive contributors to Western Australian life through their diverse family, work and community roles. However, males in non-metropolitan areas have not only been identified as being significantly inferior to that of males living in metropolitan Western Australia and Australia, there is less access to health and wellbeing services.

In fact, despite good intention and considerable investment, there has been little to no overall improvement in the health of regional, rural and remote males. It is suggested that resources have not been directed towards the most effective approaches and there is a need to place greater emphasis on targeted programs and preventative measures.

The purpose of this brief report is to:

  • Provide an evidence based understanding to the health sector on the state of men’s health in rural, regional and remote Western Australia;
  • Build an understanding of the determinants that underpin these outcomes and;
  • To explore the implications of these determinants as they relate to the provision and operation of health services in non-metropolitan Western Australia.

To download the full empirical report please click on this link: rrr-mens-health_long

For a shorter summarised version of the report click on this link: rrr-mens-health_short