Healthy Tradie Project
Information and workshops on movement, mindfulness and nutrition

At the Healthy Tradie Project we believe the best physical, mental and emotional health starts with solid foundations combining



Moving your body in a way that is different to how you do every day at work.  It’s about building strength, increasing flexibility and mobility to reduce the potential for injury.


Your breath is like the remote control to your mind.  You have access to your state of mind and your nervous system at any time just by using your breath.  By controlling your breath, you control your state of mind bringing more awareness to what is happening within and around you.


What you eat affects how you feel and think.  It impacts your mood and energy levels.  It even impacts how you think.  Long story short, food plays a huge role in how you show up every day.  We are here to provide education, coaching and support to help you make the right food choices ensuring you are fueling your body with the best foods to be performing at your best.