Turf Care WA’s Western Australian Father of the Year Award 2016 Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce Mr Hamish McCracken from Australind as WA’s Father of the Year 2016. Hamish is a father of his 2 year old daughter Rachel and is married to his wife Jessica. Hamish is a stay-at-home dad whilst also being very active in the community. Among other things, Hamish is a committee member for the local day care centre where he is working on a project to switch to solar panels for the centre and is a mentor for local children through the hockey and tennis clubs.

The following are excerpts from Hamish’s nomination submitted by his wife Jessica:

“Hamish is an exceptional Father, who every day looks after our daughter while creating a fun and active environment.”

“I watch in awe of him every day, his endless patience and sense of fun gives Rachel so much joy every day, he effortlessly fits in at Mother’s Groups and always makes people laugh. Rachel is very spirited child and can be a handful, but somehow he always manages to make parenting look easy. He’s an amazing father and Husband and we are extremely lucky to have him.”

“Hamish’s can-do attitude manifests itself in teaching Rachel to be independent and active. He always encourages her to develop her skills and finds multiple ways for her try new things.He encourages her to do whatever interests her, whether it’s kicking a soccer ball, pushing a pram, swimming or riding a bike. There are no ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ activities in our household, only activities.”